Les Repas Plaisir BIO pâtés with Beef and vegetables for dogs are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique). They contain 45% meat and animal derivatives, including 4% beef, and 4% vegetables, perfect to fill your little pet every day. Available in 150g.

Every meal becomes a party with the pâtés with Beef and vegetables Les Repas Plaisir BIO! You are sure to please him, while giving him a healthy and quality diet. Also available with Poultry and vegetables, and in 300g.

Combine pleasure with quality and organic food! This is the bet succeeded by Les Repas Plaisir with this recipe of chunks with Beef and vegetables in gravy. Your cat will love them!

Complete and organic food for adult and sterilised cats – Certified AB (Agriculture Biologique). Their melting texture and quality of ingredients make these pâtés with Beef delicious.

Les Repas Plaisir pâtés in 150g format are the ideal meal portions to feed your little dog. 2 trays per day are enough to cover the nutritional needs of an adult dog of 3kg. We offer 3 different recipes, here the one with Beef, Heart and vegetables. Be careful, he will not be able to do without it!

Les Repas Plaisir pâtés for dog contain at least 55% meat and animal derivatives. The way we are making them with fresh ingredients, their steaming mode, as well as their short list of ingredients make it one of the best foods for your favorite companion. This recipe with Beef is also composed of vegetables, a complementary source of fiber. No colourings and no added cereals.

Each meal becomes a party with the chunks with Beef and vegetables in gravy Les Repas Plaisir! A complete and balanced diet to offer every day to your small dog, rich in protein of animal origin, with a low fat content. Developed with veterinarians.

Les Repas Plaisir pâtés with Beef contain 56% meat and animal derivatives, 4% of which are beef. This provides your cat with a sufficiently high protein intake to meet his daily needs. In addition, their melting texture with pieces is very greedy. They are intended for sterilised adult cats, thanks to an intake of DL methionine and a low fat content.

Make your cat purr with pleasure with our delicious recipe of chunks with Beef and Turkey in grvay! A complete food for every day, made from fresh ingredients, without colourings and in our workshops in Normandy, which is suitable for all sterilised cats.