This formula is specially balanced in protein and carbohydrates to provide necessary energy for your cat, while having a reduced fat content. The bowel is optimal thanks to increased fibre content limiting the feeling of hunger and helping to reduce digestive disorders consecutive to the ingestion of hair during grooming.

Les Repas Plaisir pâtés with Chicken: a tender and enticing recipe to offer your little puppy! With its formula adapted to the young age of your companion, you are sure to please him. Complete and balanced food for every day. Available also in 150g.

Les Repas Plaisir 300g pâtés for adult dogs are available in 3 flavours with vegetables. They are real complete meals for your pet: for example, 2 trays a day of this recipe with Chicken and vegetables are enough to feed an adult dog of 7kg. Made in France, without colourings or added cereals.

Les Repas Plaisir pâté recipes for adult dogs are made in our workshops in Normandy, with quality ingredients and are made with veterinarians, without colourings or added cereals. Your dog will love its melting texture topped with pieces and its delicious chicken taste.

150g of fun with Chicken! Here is a recipe adapted and perfect for your little puppy: rich in protein and source of minerals & vitamins to help with good growth. No colourings and no added cereals. Available also in 300g.

Fill your little dog with affection and tenderness with the chunks with Chicken and vegetables in gravy Les Repas Plaisir! They are a source of vitamins and fiber and cover 100% of his daily nutritional needs. Also available with Beef and vegetables.

Offer every day a tasty delight to your little puppy! Chunks with Chicken in gravy are a complete and balanced meal. Their formula is elaborated with quality ingredients and with veterinarians for a healthy food adapted to the needs of the puppy.

Les Repas Plaisir au Poulet pâtés are complete meals and come in the form of fluffy terrines with pieces. Their protein content is 10%, which is excellent for satisfying the nutritional needs of your small carnivore. They are perfectly suited for neutered adult cats. Your cat will appreciate them.

Les Repas Plaisir offers you a unique recipe with Chicken and milk for your kitten. It is specially designed to promote good growth: adapted vitamin complex, protein content of 11% and a fat content of 6%. He will love it!

The favorite recipe of cats! A duo of chunks with Chicken and Liver that delights their fine palate. By choosing Les Repas Plaisir, you are sure to please him: a complete and balanced diet, formulated with veterinarians, offering a variety of textures and flavours, and made in France. No colourings. Suitable for sterilised adult cats.