This recipe is specially enriched with vitamin E for its antioxidant action. Fatty acids omega 3 and 6, naturally contained in fish oil and vitamin B8 (biotin) help healthy skin and coat.

Organic fish recipes, must-haves for our pleasure seekers! Offer these chunks with Salmon to your cat without delay. Also available with Trout.

Les Repas Plaisir BIO pâtés for cats are complete foods. They cover 100% of your pet’s nutritional needs. They are formulated with veterinarians and are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique).

Notice to fish-hungry cats! Les Repas Plaisir with Salmon pâtés are made for them. Our pâtés are made from fresh ingredients and are steamed in large containers, a cooking method that best preserves the quality of the ingredients.

The chunks in gravy Les Repas Plaisir with Salmon and Cod are tasty complete meals for your cat: high protein, low fat, no colourings. They come in 4 recipes and are perfect for sterilised cats.