This formula is specially balanced in protein and carbohydrates to provide necessary energy for your cat, while having a reduced fat content. The bowel is optimal thanks to increased fibre content limiting the feeling of hunger and helping to reduce digestive disorders consecutive to the ingestion of hair during grooming.

This formula has been developed to promote the acidification of urine and prevent urinary problems of your cat with an intake of DL-methionine and cranberry, traditional remedy known. A suitable intake of minerals and a high level of moisture will also help to prevent an insufficient watering and thus preserve its urinary system.

This recipe is specially designed with inulin for its prebiotic action, which optimizes the quality of the intestinal flora and promotes the health of the intestines by stimulating the growth of good bacteria. It also contains clays – sepiolite – that protect the intestinal wall and vitamins E and B1. This combination of components will contribute to digestive well-being of your cat and thus better hygiene.

This recipe contains specially chondroitin and glucosamine that help joint protection of your cat, and vitamins E and C participating in slowing cellular ageing. To limit weight gain to your cat that spends less with age, the fat rate is reduced but the balance between protein and carbohydrates is respected to bring the necessary energy it needs.

This recipe is specially enriched with vitamin E for its antioxidant action. Fatty acids omega 3 and 6, naturally contained in fish oil and vitamin B8 (biotin) help healthy skin and coat.

Organic chunks with Trout in gravy Les Repas Plaisir are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique). They are wonderful meals to offer every day to your favorite companion.

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